VB clothing is pretty new to me. I've heard about it from reading Andrew Skurka's site, and just finished reading about VBs at RBH Design's site. VBs make sense to me and I can recall a few times outside in the winter when I may have accidently stayed warmer with a less breathable shirt on without realizing it. I have learned over the years to pay atention to how warm I am and whether I'm sweating and venting appropriately, but I've never carried it further with intentailly wearing VB clothing.

So you guys who use VBs, do you wear it 24/7 on a trip? Usually I put on a clean shirt and shorts at night to help keep my TQ (sleeping bag in tenting days) clean. I have always slept with my day clothes in my bag to avoid the chill of putting on cold clothing in the morning. From what I understand, my method would result in my clothes and insulation soaking up my insensible perspiration. Is it also why my feet get so cold in the morning, the sweat having frozen in my boots overnight chilling my socks that are moist from a night's sleep?

This is definitely something I want to explore. Are there any inexpensive DIY VB clothing ideas? Would plastic bags over sock liners work for feet?