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    HH Tarp with Whoopie Slings?

    So I ordered a whoopie sling conversion kit from Arrowhead Equipment (very prompt delivery I might add) since Hennessy's stock suspension system is absolutely atrocious! Anyway, they set up fine, and work well with my Ultralite. However, I was sorta put off by the tarp; right now I have it attached to those hooks that were on the old suspension, which are tied onto the whopie sling. The problems with his are a) I don't know how to tie whatever knot the hooks were originally tied with so they keep slipping and b) they interfere with the whoopie slings' operation. Is there a better way to do this? Or am
    I going to have to tie the tarp off to the trees separately like with either a continual ridgeline or not?
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    I separated my setup, much nicer to have the tarp separate IMO.

    Take a look here for a good discussion on the issue

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    I have just made this exact change to my HH and its much lighter with whoopies than the stock suspension. Before I made this change I altered the way I hang my Tarp so it would not sag as much when I got into it.
    I do not use a continuous ridgeline as some here do. I use a cord from each of the tie outs on the ridge of the tarp.
    Its not the best way for all but it works for me.

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