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Hi all,

So a slight snag in the recon plan... My son, who is already in a full leg cast, now has chicken pox which means no school. Combine with a couple "no bus" days, this week has eaten up all my free time this week. Tomorrow I am going to drive up to the park with the boy and have a look around at our potential sites but obvious mobility issues mean that it will be mid next week before I can get out of the car and go for a hike to find a spot.

As far as the head count goes I am definitely attending. Anytime after noonish I can head up to the park on the Friday. I am still waiting on scheduling regarding Monday so there is a good chance I am staying till the end but a small chance that I will have to head home Sunday evening.

I will report back as soon as possible and will monitor the thread to make sure I have a look at all suggestions.


Hey Cedar, hope your son feels better soon. How long does he have to wear the cast?