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    Custom All-Terrain Hybrid Hammock?


    I travel the world a fair bit, going to remote places and camping much of the time, and I try to keep it light.

    - I've been several times on beaches with no towel/blanket to lay on
    - I love the idea of having a hammock to use whenever and where ever I want. If it could hold two people in a pinch, bonus
    - I don't carry a tarp, but this would be very welcome in the tropical rainy seasons, or perhaps when stoping for a break in the desert (could not find shelter in 48șC heat cycling in Djibouti — twas kinda bad )
    - Could also be used as groundsheet in vestibule in very mucky conditions

    I can't justify carrying something for each purpose, i.e. big towel + hammock + silnylon tarp. However, since I have multiple requirements that could possibly be fulfilled by one small, light, multi-use item, I can justify adding this item to my travel things. So far, though, no one product satisfies them all.

    I began typing an explanation of the pros and cons of each product being considered (below), but decided to summarise with a quick table to make it clearer.

    1. From the product description on the website it looks like the ParaSheet holds 400lbs, but I have seen no indication that it actually has strong corner loops to make use of that capacity... must just be the strength of the fabric itself?
    2. See 1.
    3. Based on non-weight-bearing loops (see 1), and the dimensions are not ideal for this.
    4 & 5. Even though both could conceivably be a source of shade, they are both very dark colours — not very good for this use.

    Here is the original analysis of the pros and cons of each product, giving more in-depth info.

    ParaSheet Pros:
    - light colours, so it doesn't get too hot in the sun
    - capacity of 400lbs, i.e. theoretically holds two people (if it were useable as hammock, see note on loop strength)
    - appears to have basic loops at corners (minimal for use as tarp — in sun only, see note on H2O resistance)
    - sand pockets
    ParaSheet Cons:
    - the colours are too loud (poor choice for wilderness/stealth setting)
    - appears to lack reinforced corner loops (cannot function as hammock)
    - does not have side loops (inadequate securing of tarp)
    - lacks water resistance (tarp only good for sun protection, and cannot act as mud mat in vestibule of tent)
    - heavy compared to Travel Hammock

    All Terrain Hybrid Pros:
    - has fixtures and water-resistance for every usage (hammock, tarp, ground mat, etc)
    All Terrain Hybrid Cons:
    - dark colour rules out comfortable use in full sun (does not function as beach mat)
    - lacks sand pockets (but can't act as beach mat anyways)
    - heavy compared to Travel Hammock

    Travel Hammock Pros:
    - lightweight
    - a little bit lighter colour than Hybrid Hammock
    - forest green is appropriate for wilderness/stealth use
    Travel Hammock Cons:
    - colour still too dark to be comfortable on beach
    - lacks extensive loops that Hybrid Hammock has
    - lacks water resistance

    What I need is basically an All-Terrain Hybrid Hammock that is a light, neutral colour (such as light greeny-olive-greyish-browny-tan). Then I can use it comfortably on the beach in the sun, and use it camping without attracting attention. Nice extras would include using a lighter-weight fabric (while keeping it strong enough for two people), and sand pockets (handy but far from essential)


    Grand Trunk, can you custom-make me a Hybrid Hammock in a light and neutral colour? Possibly using lighter fabric and including sand pockets? You could use the fabric from the Nano-7.

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