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    Christmas ordering deadline

    Many packages from our Black Friday weekend sale are going out tomorrow. We expect to get a large batch out over the weekend, too.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your purchases and to remind those of you who are considering buying that as a small vendor that makes most of our products to order, the last day we can take orders and safely ensure you get your packages in time for Christmas is Dec. 14. We'll do our best to ensure orders placed by that date arrive by Dec. 23.

    Unfortunately, orders placed after Dec. 14 may not ship until after Christmas.

    We thank all of you who've done so much to support us as we end our first year of operation. It's been our pleasure to work with you. We look forward to serving you this holiday season and to work with you in 2013.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!
    Now carrying the Mini Tattoo Stove!
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    Just placed my order today - excited to see that it should arrive in time for XMas. Thanks and looking forward to it!
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