over the past few weeks ive been wanting to camp with a hammock mainly because im tired of using the beast of a coleman tent that takes up so much room and is a pain to carry, but i have no idea on what to get. i have a few ideas but im not dead set on anything yet. so far i was thinking of getting a grand trunk skeeter beeter pro, mss patrol and intermediate sleeping bag for $40 that i can use both in the hammock or when im using a tent, and a cheap tarp. im thinking of getting 2 of the walmart backpacking tarp and just hanging them side by side to make roughly a 10x7 tarp for $20. im looking to spend roughly $70-$100 for the hammock and suspension, and around $20-30 for a tarp. anyone have any advice?

After searching for just a few minutes ill most likely get wilderness logic tree straps and I can make my own whoopie slings, I'm just not sure on how long to make them.