OK, so my dad had been hammock camping with me twice, and he wants to go back...The last 2 hammocks that I put him in, he really didn't like very well. I gave him a Lawson Hammock and he liked it, but wanted something that he cough use his new incubator with more easily, so I let him borrow A GT Skeeter Beeter UL and it was too small of course. I already gave him an UL that would not be so great for him since he is 6'2 and 220.

My question:

What is a good starter CAMPING hammock for him that is fairly cheap and big enough for him to stretch out and be totally comfortable.(I already spent too much jack outfitting his big butt this year, lol) My next option that I have is to let him try some home made stuff and a GT AT Shelter that is around here somewhere.

Any suggestions?

Thank ye!