I'm currently rocking an ENO Doublenest but am looking to upgrade to something lighter for backpacking. My research has led me to consider the WL Snipe or Light Owl. I am a definite side sleeper (and front sleeper) and am really looking to find a hammock that will give me a really good flat, diagonal lay. I have seen reviews of the Snipe, which show that it provides a really flat lay with its head boxes and foot boxes.

I have also reviewed comments that flatness of the lay is determined by length, whereas others swear it's determined by width. My ENO DN is fairly short (118" compared to 132" on the Snipe), but it's really wide (80" compared to 58" on the Snipe).

Since there's no way for me to try out the Snipe before I buy it, I'm hoping someone who has compared the two hammocks can offer some insight. How will either of these WL hammocks compare to my Doublenest in terms of offering a nice, flat lay? I am able to get a fairly flat lay in my ENO by using an adjustable ridgeline, but I'm wondering how it will compare to the longer, thinner hammocks.