I just recieved my BB. It looks awsome. I finally understand the footbox. It really has a flat lay and the workmanship is perfect. It is huge inside. I checked every stitch and other than some places where the stitching stop and starts for no reason like the bobbin ran out every stitch is perfect. The tri-rings are really cool and light. I don't get the double barrel cord lock on the BB bag, it seams over kill. The cord lock on the tie outs is really strong and should do very well. What is the nicest is you can take it out of the box and hang it without having to change anything.

I am almost finished with my 5th quilt, I got a new hammock, I'm going to Grand Canyon in 10 days. Man life is good. If I had know it was going to be this good I wouldn't have been such an angry man when I was younger.