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    I have several down winter bags like Rab 25*, Marmot Helium, Mountain Hardwear 0*. They're all great and pack down very small, but a little more weight than my HG Burrow w/ sewn foot box.

    But, that's a separate discussion for the TQ section...

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    Sorry, I'll have to be a fly in the ointment; I personally think a 0 degree UQ is too much for the summer time. First it's heavy and bulky, however, my main issue it's too warm. Venting can quickly equal "fussing" and that's no fun. A properly suspended 0 degree UQ seems uncomfortably hot to me when the low is in the 40's.

    The main advantage I can see in making your one quilt work all year long is cost. that's it. They're very expensive.

    I'm also of the opinion that a lighter pack is more enjoyable in the summertime heat. I would recommend that folks take one or two approaches...first, if you're only going to camp for 3 seaons; go with a 20 degree and then a 40 or even a 45. The other approach is to go with the single quilt rated for 40 and add extra insulation in the form of pads or clothes for the early spring nights or late fall. Then you could get by with a single UQ.

    If there's one thing I definitely don't like about hammock camping its the cost, weight and bulk of having different insulation kits for different times of the year.

    I currently have a zero degree full length TQ and UQ from Hammock Gear. Each piece is 27 oz so it's heavy and bulky but boy is it comfortable in the winter time! I'm a cold sleeper but in this setup I'm great. It's really CRITICAL to be sure you're hanging it correctly. I thought I was until I discovered an air pocket under my butt. When I figured out how to really suspend it right, it was like turning on an electric blanket. One night when it was down to about 42, I was burning up and couldn't sleep.

    So, depending on whether you want to backpack year round or really only 3 seaons has a lot to do with it as does the quality of insulation you wear. To optimize your setup I think most have to end up with two seperate sets of top and bottom insulation. That's not cheap at all but I do think you'll be more comfortable and be able to put together a much lighter pack for the summer/3 seasons versus a winter set up.

    Hope you find what works well for you!


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