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    Comfortable hammock for home use - weight irrelevant

    I am after a hammock for home use. We have some hot summer nights here and my wife insists on locking every door and window which makes things most unpleasant. She's worried about our daughter being stolen (ridiculous I know!)

    I have used a hammock before and notice a gentle breeze sucks the heat right out from under you so I was thinking of sleeping outside on those hot nights. Since she doesn't mind if I am stolen, this could be a good idea!

    So I was afer a recommendation for a hammock setup for:

    - hot nights
    - mosquito proof
    - rain fly a bit of an issue, but I could sleep under the car port. Not a deal breaker.

    I have used a Hennessey Ultralight before (don't own one though) but I figure a traditional Mexican hammock eg might be more comfortable on a hot night because of the open mesh and cotton against the skin. But I am not sure you can lie flat in these style of hammocks like the asymmetrical Hennessey. There might be other issues with these Mexican style hammocks as well.

    Weight is totally irrelevant as this is for home use.
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