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    New Custom tarp from OES

    A little while ago, I found myself some rare "Sage" (light olive) colored silnylon and my original thought was that I would make myself a tarp with it. I've never made a tarp before, and the silnylon was extremely rare, so after rethinking how rare it was to find this color silnylon, I thought it best to send it to someone who makes tarps for a living to do it up right. I do want to make my own tarp, but don't want to learn with this material. I sent it to Brian at OES and asked him if he'd make a tarp for me out of it. Answer: of course!

    I haven't had time to put it up outside yet (only in the basement), but Brian made a 12'x10' Sage colored silnylon tarp with 5 tie-outs per side, in order to be able to close off the ends if I wanted to. I'm of course very pleased with the construction. Top notch.

    I'll have to post pictures once I get a chance in daylight to hang it up outside (days sure are short now, aren't they?). Maybe this weekend.

    Looks like I have a few options on how to rig it. Fun toys, fun toys.

    I've got some gray sil still in the basement. I'll try my hand at tarp making with that.
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