I just picked up an ENO DN for myself, and already got got a Grand Trunk Ultralight, and a Byer Traveller Lite for my kids. None of them have a suspension at the moment, so I am looking to hang three hammocks for a reasonable price. And I will probably be building a fourth hammock too. They will get used for backpacking, so I want it to be fairly light. I plan on ditching the heavy biners from the eno dn.

I was looking at straps with cinch buckles like this.
But was looking for a cheaper source for just the metal hardware. I was wondering about fashioning some myself out of some thick aluminum plate. I have seen others using descender rings, but they have had complaints about slippage. I would think the harder edge of stamped or cut metal would hold better than the round rings. I don't have a problem working with aluminum, as I have already used it on a home-built folding kayak, and my homemade snowshoes.

I plan on setting up ridge lines with some AmSteel from my local West Marine.