I've seen some of you chatting about how low it got while you were out hanging around. I saw a couple of thermometers (picture or video) where guys and gals were proving just how chilly it was during the night.

My question is what is everyone using? I was able to match an image using Google and I think I found one type. I was curious as to what others were using. I was one of those really wacko ground dwellers that didn't carry a tent - just a tarp, a bag, & a pad if it was real chilly. I've awaken a couple of times to frost on the tarp, but I've never deliberately been out in a hard freeze.

For $6 at Walmart, this AcuRite digital thermometer with a Min/Max is what I was able to match using Google Images. The -4*F to 158*F temp range is well below what I am willing to attempt any time soon.

Does anyone have suggestions or comments about what you have found to be a reliable thermometer to use on the trail?