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Thread: tarp ideas

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    You could always get a smaller tarp and couple it in colder or rainier (not the mountain) weather with a hammock sock or with Slowhike's Storage End Caps.
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    IF you want full tent protection consider the Hammock Hut...

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    Quote Originally Posted by speyguy View Post
    The trend seems to be toward larger winter size tarps. For those who can afford more than one tarp, the idea would be to have one for winter and one for summer use.

    I have 2 homemade tarps, one 10 x 10 and one 9 x 5, both flat. I really want an 8 x 10 for 3 season use as the 9 x 5 can be too small at times. Hopefully a McCat is in my near future.

    I have found some really good hammock sites on the trail where my 10 x 10 is just too big. Here in the PNW, I tend to hang more from conifers where they can be brushy down low or in a grove with some smaller trees and the 10 x 10 is just too big sometimes and does not always allow me to fit into tighter spots. This is where a hex cut can be a big advantage. In other areas where you might be hanging primarily from deciduous trees, this may not be an issue.

    I would suggest that you consider when the bulk of your tarp use will occur, and if it is primarily summer or 3 season use, you can easily get by with a smaller tarp and save a few onces and a few dollars. Again, I think something close to an 8 x 10 is a good all around size for 3 season use and without the weight penalty.
    I agree with all of that.

    I think a rectangular tarp versus a hex tarp has some interesting trade offs. It isn't a situation where one is the best choice for everyone. You can think of a hex tarp as a rectangular tarp with the 4 corners removed because that is what it is. Without the corners, you save weight, maybe stakes and guyline, have less blockage of the view towards the ends, and can fit it tighter spaces. You do give up coverage. The coverage you give up is real, just like the weight you save is real. When pitched 'high and wide', you can pitch a rectangular tarp higher and still have adequate coverage for rain. Standing up or crouching less is more comfortable when you move about under a tarp. When pitched 'low and tight' it blocks more wind. It especially blocks more wind if there are more stakes involved such that you can angle the ends to close or partially close them when needed.

    There are also a couple of other thoughts I will add. How small a tarp you will be happy with in warmish weather where blocking wind isn't a significant factor and rain is all you are worried about, is a function of how often you will be in the rain, how long it might rain, and what you might want to do while it is raining. The shape of the tarp can also effect your view while you are in your hammock. The best of hammocking in the wilderness in warmish weather is when you have a wide open view of your surroundings. Wide tarps block more of that view than narrower tarps. I use basically rectangular tarps where one is 8 foot wide and the other is 10 foot wide and the 8 foot wide one is a lot more 'view friendly' when both tarps are pitched 'high and wide'. That extra foot on each side makes a big difference. Of course the tradeoff with that is that extra foot also makes a big difference when you aren't worried about the view and pitch 'low and tight' for storm coverage.
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    i didnt have enough material to made the tarp i wanted the size i wanted. so, i went back to walmart every week since to see if they were going to get more in on the $1.50 rack. they had it today. it was a slightly different color. but it is ripstop sil-nylon. they had enough today to make the whole tarp and a little extra so i got all of it. my thinking on the extra is a pack cover and anything else i can think of. well the woman had to measure it and give me a tag. no big deal, right? i told her what i wanted it for and what i was going to do with it while she was measuring it. is started to print out and tag and the wife wanted me to see something so i turned my head. when i turned back around she had put the tag on the material with a push pin through the middle of 8 layers of the folded material. i about hit the sky. the wife grabed the ripstop said thank you and drug me away while i was saying everything i could think to say. i admit i lost it too much and over reacted. now i have the problem of 16 little holes. is this a problem? do i need to do something about the holes and if so what?

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    rub the hole(s) it should close up enough and be fine

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    thanks. now all i have to do is sit down cut and sew. i think the hardest part is going to be actually sitting down to do it. i'm just scared i'm going to mess up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irrationalsolutions View Post
    thanks. now all i have to do is sit down cut and sew. i think the hardest part is going to be actually sitting down to do it. i'm just scared i'm going to mess up.
    I feel the same. I used some cheapo cotton fabric for the first attempt with masking tape to keep my lines straight. still havent started with the silnylon and prolly gonna play with cotton a bit more to get my design right. Dont let it stop you from trying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ekul View Post
    still havent started with the silnylon and prolly gonna play with cotton a bit more to get my design right.
    If you've got a bit of extra, sew a couple stuff sacs with a bit of it first to give you a feel for sewing with silnylon. It's a good bit different from cotton. And have fun - a tarp is really a fairly simple project.

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    thats a good idea. i should have enough left. i got all they had yesterday. one piece is 9 yards the other is 6 yards and both are 60 in wide. i should have enough left over. i also have a piece that is 6yards but it isnt rip stop from my first purchace. the non rip stop is now going to become a tent (sorry for saying that word) rain fly. with the rip stop i was also thinking about making a rain cover for my pack and a few stuff sacks anyway.

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    one more question (for now ). i have the hh expidition. does anyone know what a good length is for a tarp for it? like i said earlier i am going to make a winter tarp. i am thinking about 10' wide. on the width i want to put 4 tie outs so i can use the ends like doors. how far in do i need to put the two inner tie outs? i am also going to put the pull tie out on the walls. i'm still trying to decide on the placement on these. i hole all this isnt too ambitious for a first tarp. as mentioned in an above post i think i should have enough of the rip stop unless i have done my math wrong.

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