I am happy to report that my first hang in my WBBB 1.1 double was a huge success! And I can dispel any negative issues I've read about the webbing suspension system and small carabiners by saying, "What issues?" Brandon's webbing system is so easy to deal with I am sending back the unused ENO slap straps pro back that I ordered.

I am 5' 6" and currently 220 (and still losing!) and the hammock had plenty of support. It's as roomy as they say, very stable, AND I was able to fully side sleep! No sore back, neck--nothing but blissful, comfortable sleep!

Pitched a Siltarp2 over the top in an A-frame over the top. The new version of the Siltarp is very nice and super-lightweight--a different fabric now I think.

The underquilt I ordered did not come in time for this trip, so I used a Ridgerest in between with a folded wool blanket underneath that, with a fleece blanket around the inside to cut the chill factor. 20-degree Kelty Cosmic down bag. It got down to the low forties, maybe high 30s and other than a few chill spots that I was able to fix, I was toasty. I can only imagine the superb comfort I'll enjoy with the UQ!

I'm hooked!!!!!