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    I love me whoopies and Marlin Spike hitch
    Personally, I've never liked the way buckles pinched the webbing in one spot.
    I've had some rings shear through some cheap polypro webbing from Fabricland (that was lesson #4: don't buy cheap webbing).
    ...But then I admire the simplicity of Brandon's webbing buckles. I can shove my dirty/sappy straps in a tube/pouch sewn on the outside of the stuff sack, quick and easy.
    Wet straps are probably the biggest "ick" factor. I don't like anything damp or wet on the inside of my pack.
    Rethreading the buckles each time means that wet straps can be carried in an outside pocket.
    Rethreading also means that the strap can be looped around the tree and through its own eye loop without the need for a carabiner.
    Has anyone skipped the dutch clip/carabiner and threaded the straps through the eye loop? For some people, pulling all that 4.2m through can be a pain; however, if you double it over once or twice things will go faster (technique over technology).
    ...but then I don't like how hard it is to loosen buckles when there's some weight in the hammock (whoopies are easy in this regard, amsteel being easier than dynaglide)
    ...but then it's just a matter of technique. If you don't load up your hammock until your hang is adjusted, you can loosen the buckles easily; however, this is a problem for those that leave their sleeping bag/quilt in their hammock and use one large bag for everything.

    Different strokes for different folks...and setups.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Deep Thought View Post
    Rethreading also means that the strap can be looped around the tree and through its own eye loop without the need for a carabiner.
    Good point - save a little weight, a little bulk, and keep things clean. I like it.

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