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For me, the solution for the winter is to use my ENO-DN. If it's cold, there's no bugs and thus no need for the bug net. So, for now at least, that $60 hammock is lighter than my Hennessy, gives me a clear view of the sky, is more comfortable (IMHO), and works better with the inexpensive Jarbidge.

What I do when the weather is warm enough for bugs and thus the netting of the Hennessy, but still cool enough for the UQ ... well, I may just make do. Or, I may be investing in a WBBB or Dangerbird to see how they work.
Can see that...I've found that using the net can add a good bit of warmth. I tend to use mine nearly year round, with the exceptions being spring and fall, when the bugs aren't out but the temps are warm enough that the added warmth of the net isn't needed.