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    MacCat Deluxalicious, 2 tree lines (some kind of semi-reflctive 2mm cord), 4 tie-outs (the bright orange ones that came with the tarp), 2 NiteIze CamJams, 4 ti stakes. No tarp ridgeline.

    For the tree tie-outs, I created loops in the ends of each cord. I just thread the cord through the loops around each tree, and then thru the CamJams I have snapped to the top of my tarp. For the ground tie-outs I just hook them to the ti stakes in such a way that my tarp is fairly tight.

    It's fast, and no knots to deal with.

    The CamJams might add an extra ounce to my load, but that can easily be saved by eating 4 less green beans and two less french fries the night before. Or carrying 2 tablespoons less water.

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