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I cant remember where I saw it but I found a page on some site that showed the differences between ultralight tent setups vs ultralight hammock setups. It compared the weights and volume and if I remember correctly hammocks are much less weight for the summer seasons than ground shelters. Spring and fall they were even and winter seasons, the hammock was slightly heavier and bulkier than ground shelters. Either way, Ill take the comfort and put up with few more ounces if and when I ever start backpacking in the winter seasons.
Hm...this MAY vary. I was a uge UL fan a few years back, and my system weighed less than the hammock. BUT, comfort suffered. And, I didnt like that, at all. So, I am now simply concientious of what I pack. I have a sturdy pack, that I can use for an overnight, or a week. Combined with my hammock, tarp, and sleeping gear, it certainly weighs more-but, I am more comfortable while resting-which is where the recovery is. A few extra lbs carried, isnt a big deal for me, as I have a base weight I try not to go over. I can usually still stay around 12lbs, give or take, without water & food. My goal usually is a pack under 25lbs-thats MY comfort zone. When I did a summer with UL, it was about 15, tops. And, I woke up sore