Hey gang.

I've got this narrowed down. I'm still sleeping on the ground for this winter, but come springtime I'm likely to pull the trigger on a Traveler.

My friend recommends the BB...so I'm wondering if there are any structural differences between the two? Superficially at least, it seems that the Traveler is only lacking an integrated net.

Not a deal-breaker for me; I have a net, I'm sure I could jury-rig it somehow for the once or twice a year I might need one. (Primarily at summer camp (BSA)).

No tarp is also not a deal-breaker...I know how cheap they are at Campmor. (Yes, I know there's a weight penalty, but I'm not an ounce counter and any hammock is going to be waaaaaaaay lighter than my current tent.)

Anyway....(I'd go sooner, but it got bumped to the "After Chemo" list.) Soon.