6'5" x 260 and looking for a hammock with attached net, capable of ground bivy without too much fuss, and nightime temp range from 30F to 80F. Mostly in the 50-70F range. Often with high heat/humidty & or cold wind (Great Lakes). No previous hammock experience so I need to be able to return it if it doesn't "fit". Tried the WBBB with high hopes, but that center ridge was enough of a factor that I could not sleep comfortably. Close but no cigar. Hoping Switchback 1.9 Dbl is the answer but not sure a 10' hammock will work. Next move would be into a Clark ($$$ yikes). Tropical with over cover? NX250? Willing to spend money for right setup but, I'm not a lottery winner.
Been camping in the backcountry for 40 years. Have enough ground gear to open my own retail outlet. Tired and sore with life on the ground. Thought hammock was the way to go but don't want it to be an endless search for "the one". Any first hand help out there? "Big" (tall!!) Individuals first hand experience? Thanks much!