I stepped on the scale today and reached 30 pounds dropped since June. So, to "celebrate", I decided to feel what losing that weight actually means.

I usually carry my camera gear (Nikon D7000, 55-200mm lens, 18-55mm lens, 50mm lens, filters, tripod, cleaning kit, etc.) since it's near the Audubon Conservation Center and I like to snap photos of the ducks, geese, flickers, hawks, owls, eagles, herons and such.

But today, I added something else to my Mystery Ranch Dragon Slayer pack - a 25 pound kettlebell.

So here's what I carried today... probably around 40 pounds with all the other stuff in my pack - dog leash, and so on:

The tripod isn't visible, but it's there.

Funny thing is, the pack carried it so well, I really didn't notice it too much once I adjusted the pack for the load. It's an odd 25 pounds - very dense, as opposed to spreading it over the whole pack.

I almost maintained my usual pace, which is around 15 minute miles. And I worked up quite a sweat because I was dressed for slightly colder temps - it was 35˚, no wind, where the last couple days it was about 30˚ with 20mph winds.

This was a good reminder that when I loose another 25 pounds, it'll feel even better to take hikes.