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    Need help/direction understanding fabric coatings/diy coating.

    Hi all,

    I bought some un coated 1.4 digital camo from Scott at DIYGS. Anyhow, I planed to make a large tarp and a double layer hammock. However after making a single layer to try out and just whipping the ends, I dont think I will need the second layer. However my kids absolutley want one, they sleep in it in the house all the time. So i had 2 yds I planed to make a 10x10 tarp out of this and waterproof it myself. I am sort of having second thoughts since I've never done it and am looking at some coated fabrics.

    So I am asking for some input from you guys as to what a good coating would be for a cheap price. Scott has some for $3/yd it is digital camo, urethane coated 70d ripstop. I understand this will be heavier and I want to make a larger tarp for the first one(see what i like and modify as I go). Am i ok with the urethane coating or am I better off making my 1.4 digital tarp and siliconing it myself? Any input is appreciated. Thanks Ryan

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    Hi Ryan-

    Adding a silicone coating has been done here before, but If it were me I would just buy some standard silnylon from DIY and be done with it. It's cheap and you don't have to worry about mixing mineral spirits, cleaning up a mess, etc and you know it will work.

    The urethane coated 70d would work fine for a while although heavier than 30d silnylon. Eventually the urethane coating will deteriorate and flake off so keep that in mind.


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    Given the cost of the 70d PU coated stuff I'd just buy that to make your first tarp out of. It will give you a chance to see what you really like, how big, hex or diamond or rectangle, side panel pullouts, doors, etc.

    Once you have all of that figured out then get some 1.1 in a pattern you like and then do the DIY silicone treatment. Or you may be able to find silnylon in a pattern you like later down the road.
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