I first posted this to the Hammock forums at white blaze. I thought I would post it here too to see if I could get some additional feedback Thanks pc

Hello Hammockers. I have a bug net question.

To preface, I often camp where there are many bugs, low lying areas where one tends to find more standing water. I don't always have the luxury of finding that perfect spot high up with a a good breeze . More often I am back in the brush, somewhere low lying with a swamp near by.

So here is what I want to see if you have any thoughts on. I would like to have a bug net system that not only protects me while In the hammock but also one that i can hang out under comfortably while cooking and doing general camp chores. Here are some requirements. I like to hang my tarp high enough so I don't have to stoop to move around underneath it. I am currently using a Speer 8x10 but plan on getting a 10x10 or better so I can get the tarp edges closer to the ground with my high setup. I set the hammock and tarp independently. I also anticipate the need to go to the ground on a regular basis this summer, (western locations), so I need the rig to be flexible enough to accomodate this.

I have been thinking that perhaps the lightest solution would be to build a tarp with netting sewn to the edges. The drawback I see with this is that I am locked into having the netting with me all the time, also, and more importantly, I often set the tarp in odd configurations depending on conditions and it seems that a intergral net system may not be flexible enough for these different setups.

This makes me think that a large net, close to the size of the tarp that can be hung from a ridgeline and reaches to the ground might be the solution.

Has anyone used a setup like this?
Does anyone know where something like this could be bought?
How hard would it be to make one my self and am I more likely to have a lighter finished product with a homemade rig then with a store bought one, providing a premade one could be found?
Would I be able to find someone to sew something up for me that would be affordable?

Thats' it for now, thanks for your ideas and thoughts. Popcrn.