I have pretty much all climashield stuff. 2.5XP modular quilt and a 5XP silk covered liner.

Also have an IX liner that is opened up enough that it breaths.

The other day I finally finished my m90 climashield jacket. It has 5XP in the front 3.7 XP in the back and 2.5 XP in the arms. 3.7 int he hood.

It weighs 14.8 oz for just the jacket and 2.2 oz for the hood.

I was thinking since I will carry the jacket and hood anyway what If I DIY some booties and a Super light M50 2.5 XP or primaloft elephant foot.

So considering I will have enough UQ, what would this take me down to....as a guess.

M50 2.5 XP quilt
IX liner
Indera blue Polypropylene johns
Heavy socks
Jacket and hood above.
elephant foot