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    bigger is better;)
    HG, JRB, UGQ, WL
    If it aint Dutch..
    Glad to see you posting again! Someday I'll try this
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    Grizz, thanks for your input. I used your tutorial and am almost finished with the hammock.

    Quote Originally Posted by DivaB View Post
    The only draw back is that you won't have a one point of suspension like your ledge and I could see that being a possible P.I.T.A
    Yes, this was the #1 reason for switching to a ledge. However, portability is now my biggest concern.

    Quote Originally Posted by hairbear View Post
    well, well, well,finally i found another tree rat.people tell me im crazy but ive been able to hang my hammock at 62 feet and 65 feet.i didnt stay, i just did it to prove i can to myself.ive been an arborist for 25 years ,so its not as hard for me to do,not to down play it.i did stay tied in though.i keep telling myself to have my son record it,as i am a compete cave man to modern gadgets lacking the ability to do it as of this point.keep having fun.
    Yes, just like when I am rockclimbing, I am tied in 100% of the time that I am not touching the ground. It has been impossible to find friends to join me. My arborist friends dont like camping and my hammock friends dont tree climb.

    v < < hammock dangerously

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