Weather finally matched the gear we have, so we did our first, real, outdoor gear test hike. A short section of the Pinhoti Trail starting at Cheaha Mt. (Alabama).

Figured there'd be no water on this ridge hike, so toting water was a bummer on "not getting any younger" legs.

She was comfortable, as usual, but did not sleep well because of "things walking in the woods all night". Probably deer and coons she was hearing while I did sleep. That will pass evenually with more exposure.

Passed out tired when we first strung the hammocks. Maybe an hour. Woke after dark....lower back and heels hurting. . Stayed awake with her several hours just talking about stars and stuff. (enjoyed that thoroughly...stunning night, cool weather....great company). Only bummer was the lumbar thing. Heels too. Ended up shedding my jacket for use as lumbar pillow. That helped, but then I was cold. I did finally sleep some more, but had to kind of side sleep to do it to releive heel pain.

Really need some kind of inflatable lumbar pillow. Would also like to try a bridge hammock to see if that would help too. (not going to buy one just to see if it works.)

Also..... a good rain fly is a must. We had an old tent fly to try, but when the wind picked up and rattled that thing half the night.

Anyway....experimenting is fun.