Received a RR that I purchased off a member of the forum. Its a single layer with bugnet. First impressions was of how it was really made super nice. Liked the way the bugnet rolled up and was stored neatly at the foot end of the hammock. Liked the pockets at the head and foot ends as I used it at the head immediately every nite so far, to store the channel remote and bottle of water before falling asleep.

Being so used to sleeping in a BMBH UL that last 5-6 months, I found it too flat for my lay, and too wide, but have to give Brandon Kudos on adding the 4" extension on the head spreader bar as when I took it out, the lay was perfect for me. I like to have my back against the hammock sides when side sleeping. Maybe is a feeling of security thingy, and then again, maybe its cause since I have been sleeping in a JacksRBetter BMBH UL, that I had gotten so used to it but works perfect without the additional 4 inches. I am thinking also it helps to add a dash of depth as I only weigh 166-70lbs and 6'.

Any of you on the forum knows I am always looking to change and modify things to benifit my style. And having 2- 12' long cuben tarps from HG, for me and the wife to use, I decided to see if I could modify the suspension to get the doors of the tarp more closed in inclimate weather.

After reading all the back postings on different members building bridge hammocks, and watching all of Professor Hammock's videos on bridge hammocks, and re-reading his postings..decided would see what would happen if you shortened the suspension on both ends of the hammock.

All tests were done without the 4" extension on the head spreader bar.
1st test was making the foot end triangle amsteel 29" long. In measuring the spreader bar at the foot end at 28.5 inches long if you take 83% (I also saw where Prof. Hammock uses a 80% measurement) of that you would come out with a figure of 23.66 inchs for the triangles to I made them 29" long to begin with. At the head, with the 4" extension out, head spreader bar is 39.5" long and 83% of that is 32.79" long for the head triangle. I made that amsteel triangle pieces 37". Got in the hammock and could tell no additional stress especially on the header bar at all. Decided to sleep in RR Wed nite and slept all nite waking a couple of times and once my wife woke me with a bathroom break,,just telling me to straighten up as Hammock was leaning as I was sleeping on my side,,as much as 45 degree angle. She couldn't figure what kept my butt from falling out.
Stock measurement from front of buckle to front of buckel on suspension from WB is approx, 13' 3". With this setup, suspension length from buckle to buckle was 11' 3" and fit under my cuben tarp with 1" on each end of hammock under tarp,,but unstable cause of the fact laying on side sleeping the hammock would end up at a angle of about 45 degrees and not horizontal.

Test 2
Foot end suspension was left same length as Test 1--29" long for each of the 2 pieces of looped ended amsteel sides of triangle. The head end pieces I reattached the stock 2 pieces of amsteel that came with the hammock 42.5" long each. Slept in the hammock a nite,,woke up a couple of times with my back touching the sides side sleeping and found the hammock tilted at about 30 degrees. No stress on spreader bars at all,,probably do to the fact I am a light weight. But,,no matter layed short of dead center, hammock would tilt about 30 degrees and never flip over. Length of suspension from end of buckle to end of buckle for this test 2 was 142" total but that doesn't matter as hammock is still fairly unstable do to leaning when sleeping on side.

Test 3.
Head of hammock was left like test 2,,Stock WB suspension left on which is 42.5" long. On the foot end, the suspension amsteel triangles where lengthened to 37" long.(Stock length on these were 42.5" long). Same lay and same angle if your on your side as factory setting with maybe a 5 to at the most, 10 degree angle of tilt with your back touching the sides of the hammock and totally stable. total length of RL from buckle to buckle is 151", shortening the RL from stock of 13'3" long to 12" 7" long.

Being a tinkerer and a somewhat perfectionist, I tried to shorten the suspension and get everything covered by the tarps, plus be able to totally close the doors. At a gain of 7" of shortness of RL I will call it, (from buckle to buckle of suspension), mission was not accomplished. Testing answered all my my personal questions as to whether this could be done or not. And the reason for posting this was to back up and confirm Brandon's testing and postings that you can decrease the length on the foot end, and maybe a dash also on the head end, but your gain is not going to be much as you will create more instability moreso than anything. I posted these results so that it would answer some of the questions some of you maybe thinking like myself. If anybody has any other tests of the suspension and how they modify it, I would love to know as there are those out there that know more about all of this than I, and we all learn from each other's testings and tinkerings.

All in all,,I really like the feel of the 1.1 ripstop material of this hammock.
I really like the width for no shoulder squeeze.
Like the bug net and its storage.
Like the saddle bags.
Like the way the Arrowhead Jarbridge Quilts fit.
Like the way the Underground Quilts fit.
Like the way 2Q & ZQ's UQP fits.
Like the way my DIY top cover or SEEP fits.
Means that all my quilts and other hammock products will interchange between my BMBH UL and the WB RR making me choose which of the 2 bridges I will use packing.
Weight is very comparable to other hammocks for sure.
Very well made.

Need to get used to the shallowness of this hammock and over time, will. With the removal of the 4' extension, this helps a bunch.
Will use my foam blocks on ends of spreader bars as I feel, metal on cuben material will cause undo stress on a tightly pitched cuben tarp, as hammock is wide at the head end. I never pay much attention as to how I get in and out of a hammock either.
Length of suspension system is very inclimate weather, will definitely switch to my BMBH UL in order to completely be secure under tarp with doors closed as well as tarp pitched closer to ground.

Thanks for reading this posting.