Thanks for the compliments WV and cfi on the fly,,,like Brandon said,,,you can get away with some change in suspension at the foot end cause the spreader bar is only 28"..and a small amount if your going to take the 4" spreader extender out the head end. He was dead on in his statements thru his extensive testing. Personally, in my studys of the bridge hammock, I think, as you shallow up the bridge hammock for the shallow lay, and then widen it,as well as lengthen it too, the question I have for the bridge guru's is, have we reached a threshhold or peaked on the shallowness vs width vs length? I think that may be the reason, nobody is making a larger bridge for the bigger hangers because you might have to make the larger bridge hammock alot deeper and think of how long the suspension would have to be as well as a larger diameter spreader bar for holding the weight plus heavier fabric which then you would have to ask yourself, how much would it weigh?. Maybe we ought to have Professor Hammock run his math formula on this to find out the answers.