Received my Warbonnet Winter Yeti UQ this week and managed to get out for an overnighter to test it out

28*F at midnight/5*F at 0800.
Winds consistent 15 mph, gusting to 35.
Wind chill -10*F to -25*F

Our campsite was sheltered on 3 sides so we missed about 50% of the wind.

1.7 oz double layer Warbonnet Blackbird (BB)
MacCat Ultra tarp
Warbonnet winter Yeti 2/3 UQ and 3/8" Gossamer Gear CCF under my butt and legs
Moonstone Great Divide 5*F down mummy bag used as a TQ
Nalgene with 25 oz of hot water in wool sock at my groin.

base layer of Mid weight Duofold (tops and bottoms)
Duofold turtle neck
1 layer of midweight Smartwool socks

Down, 2/3 asym cut UQ (approx 37"Wx45"L)
4.5" differential baffles
Draft tubes on each end
WBG states weight as 21 ounces. I did not verify.

Set-up was outstanding and simple...pass each end of the hammock under each end of the UQ suspension. The UQ suspension is a continuous loop of bungie that passes thru side channels on the UQ (see pics if this doesn't make sense)
The UQ suspension is held in place by tension against each end of the hammock. I wish I had a good pic of this but I don't...maybe later.
Once you lie in the hammock, you can adjust the UQ by sliding it up/down the length of the hammock so it fits your position in the hammock. Very, very nice system..completely adjustable

Ultimately, this UQ surpassed my expectations. I had access to a JRB weather shield but chose not to use it to test the range of the UQ. My tarp is long, but not as tall on the sides as I might want in the winter. It was pitched 1.5' to 2' off the ground and I had a nice "breeze" all night. I stayed very warm and toasty (except for those nature calls) until getting up at 0800.

Only exceptions to warm and toasty...easy to understand, I had 2-3 periods of wind that found their way under the UQ. I could easily reach out and adjust the UQ from inside the hammock to close it off. Worked very well. My feet started to chill slightly towards morning...I had down booties with me but never actually put them on.

This was a VERY successful test. With an Weather shield or overcover, I should easily get another 10*F putting this UQ below 0*F.

Disclaimer...I'm no Neo but I do sleep fairly warm. I consistently exceed sleeping bag temp ratings by 5-10*F.

Hope this helps
Thanks WBG for another outstanding product!