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    WL Snipe: Ways to install replaceable suspension?

    Just purchased a WL Snipe with the included whoopie slings already attached to the whipped ends. Its great! So comfy I nearly fall asleep each time in it. That 11' length really makes a difference- so does the 1.5 nylon single-layer, but I digress...

    The hammock arrived with whoopies already attached.
    The included whoopies are larks-headed around each whipped end. I'd rather remove them and larkshead a loop or a dogbone so the whoopies can become more "detachable"

    1. Anyone done this, or something similar, allowing the whoopies to easily separate from the hammock ends - just in case the whoopies get wet?
    2. Also, any ideas for keeping the larkshead securely attached to the gathered end whipping(cable ties)?
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