I recently purchased a very used Granite Gear Virga pack.

I am selling this pack for $20.00, shipping included. I bought this pack a couple of weeks ago but I ended up buying a Vapor Latitude so I don't need both. It's medium/regular size.

Stock Weight: 1 lbs. 3 oz.
Cubes: 3200
Here's the catch. The person I bought this pack from removed the hip belt and the sternum strap. If you have sewing skillz the hip belt and sternum strap could be easily added back.

It will weigh less that the quoted stock weight, probably under a pound. There are also some of holes in the stretchy side pockets. The pack has see a fair amount of use and is not in perfect shape, but still has many miles left on it and is a good pack. It would be perfect for loads under 20 lbs. It has been recently washed by your truly.

I don't have pictures but I will try and post some tonight. I may try and patch the holes in the side pockets with my sewing machine IF I get time.

I will list it on WB in the next couple of days but I though I would give you guys and gals first shot.

If you are interested PLEASE EMAIL ME (my PM box is almost full) :headchangestudio(at)gmail(dot)com.