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can hardly wait for you website Lost_Biker!

Such a great contribution to the community!!

I have now got a new (old) thread injector this weekend due to your inspiration

lost_Biker's work is stellar
Thank-you Dos!

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I look forward to checking out the website!
It's coming along - since I'm building from scratch, I have to make sure the code is correct and that everything plays nice together.

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I am actually very very very excited about this. I think with the shell and 850 fill, I could save some money on an uq that I want for 15 degrees...i don't have a sewing machine but my gf does. This could work!

Do you plan on having other items in your shop?
Thanks Deadphans - yes, I plan on having a few other things - looking at making socks for a reasonable price. I've had people fill the shells with 850 fill and they say it saves them about 1/3 of a completed item.

I'm mainly doing this to fill a niche for those who want to do some diy, but not all diy, and have the option to use whatever fill they can afford. I really respect the UQ venders for making such great products and I know they try to save people money where possible. This started as a part time thing and I hope I can make some people happy. I guess you could say I make UQ "kits".