I'm Daniel in Georgia, using the moniker BumbleCraft because I don't really know what I'm doing in the woods. I've been camping since I was 5 but that doesn't mean all that much most the time.

Hammocks have always been a part of my life but I didn't use it for camping until about 10 years ago. I lost the tent in the break up and couldn't afford a decent, lightweight one. I decided to use my travel hammock instead and honestly thought I had just invented a new method of camping. That's what I mean by not knowing this was a thing. After watching a bunch of Shug's videos I thought I could come here and learn something.

I still use that hammock (Hammock Bliss) but I'm eyeing a Grand Trunk Nano. I'm in graduate school so I don't have the money for quality gear or the time for DIY. I make do with bootleg stuff mostly. Since I canoe most often weight isn't too much a concern but I've been backpacking more. I just can't deal with a pack more than 30 pounds.