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. And if you don't like it, you can always sell it on the forum for 80-90% what you paid for it...
Surprisingly this seems to be quite true after watching the For Sale thread for the past 3 seasons. Quite often I see items near market value selling in one day. Often I even am able to find the very same items online brand new, listed cheaper than the sellers price. And yet it sells within hours. So if you buy something that you cant return just sell it on the forums and im pretty sure you will get most of your money back rather quickly. As for me Id rather buy new then to save 5-10% on a used piece of gear.

As for your choice on a hammock. I am 6'1" and I went with the HH Explorer Deluxe Side entry zip instead of bottom entry and I am so glad I did. Very comfortable hammock. Still new to the hammock thing but I logged quite a few hours in mine and I am very happy with it. I doubt you will be displeased with any of the choices you listed. WB makes some good hammocks from what I have read on reviews.