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    Flex 180 Hang Technique

    I was recently looking for a simple way to hang my Flex 180 when only a single tree was available at the foot end. I still wanted to maintain the full width of
    the foot and support the hammock's right corner.

    As you can see from the photos, the left corner suspension line is tied normally to a strap on the single tree. A short length of proper strength cord is tied to a second strap wrapped above the first. A climber's rappel ring is postioned/tied off at the opposite end of the cord directly back from the right corner. The smaller diameter right corner suspension line is run through the rappel ring
    and brought back diagonally a distance away. The line is tensioned to raise the right corner to the desired height, then staked out. I used a 9 inch clunky v-stake in softish ground. It held my 230 lbs in the hammock w/o pulling out.
    A 7 inch MSR Groundhog stake failed to hold on an earlier attempt.

    The right corner of the Flex is fully supported and won't rotate using this technique, which also works when a second tree is available at the foot at an other than optimal distance.

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