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    I tried the prussik as you suggested. It slipped. I tried it again with the klemheist knot, which held. The klemheist holds and it ties and unties easier.
    I then moved on to the woopie and now the UCR. For me the UCR gives the best combination or easy adjustment and length of adjustment.
    I have a ring at the hammock ends that serves as a drip stop and ridge line/suspension anchor.

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    Not as a hammock suspension, but I have been using a double set of Prussic knots(4) on my tarp CRL. An Inside pair and a smaller Outside pair.

    The center two, or inside set, attach to the ridge line of the Toxaway, via biners, and are used to adjust and center it over my hammock, as is fairly normal.

    I salvaged a couple high impact plastic hooks, off of a tent rain fly, larks headed them on to each end of the CRL, After taking a few wraps around the tree, I'll bring the hooks around and attach them back to the remaining Prussic loops. You can move them anywhere on the CRL, the hook needs to go, and make resetting the tension later, if needed, simple as well.

    Holding well so far with mason line, and I'll probably spring for the Dutch Bling with the Zing-it, after the insulation has been fabricated, but this is working and is very light.
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