I had an idea for modifying my quilt suspension, let me know what you think. So I had the thought while lying here that while sprawled out we essentially want our quilt to be slightly parallelogramed. Here is my idea, we know where we want the head end of our quilt especially the corner by our heads. We also know that we want the corner by our feet to be pulled down as far as possible. Would it work to have lines on those two corners that did not stretch? You could set exactly where you wanted the corner by your head with some cordage and the corner by your feet pulled snug, the other two corners would still have the bungee cord on them that would stretch out to conform the the hammock shape. I think that there would have to be 2 additional cord locks so you could adjust each corner independently but I think it may work. As I lay here it sounds like a good idea in my head, if only I had the ambition to get up and try it out.

So lets hear it. What are your thoughts on the idea?