So I went to HomeDepot and bought some serious-looking bolts (the ones for swings), and am trying to muster the cajones to actually try it. I'm only like 150lbs, so I'm not terribly concerned, but concern is there. Especially when the in-laws (who don't need any more convincing of my craziness ("you're planning on camping during deep winter in CO? In a hammock? ...")) are about to be in town.

I have a stud finder and bolts in hand, but I don't know where to sink them.

I want the most flexibility. I have a WBBB and will someday have a WBRR and would like to be able to hang them both from the same anchors. If impossible, I suppose I could always grab another set of the bolts and put them in the same studs at different heights, but meh... more holes to fill later on.

So, what's the absolute minimum distance between anchors for the WBRR? I assume from the tip of one triangle to the tip of another? Anyone know that distance?

Any other advice?

Thanks, y'all!