Somewhat confused/frustrated at the ribbon selection at Joanns.

There's a lot of ribbon-by-the-roll (Offray brand) that looks just like grosgrain, but isn't labeled as such (but is 100% polyester, distinct ribs, no wire, not satin, etc).

Then I find some rolls which include the word 'grosgrain' on the label.

The rolls otherwise look identical to my eyes.

According to Wikipedia "As of 2010, “grosgrain” is commonly used to refer to a heavy, stiff ribbon of silk or nylon woven via taffeta weave using a heavy weft which results in distinct transverse ribs."

Wondering if they're both grosgrain, and just labeled differently (maybe newer/older labels), or not. And if not, is there a significant performance difference between the "real" grosgrain and whatever the other stuff is?