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    Simple Versatile suspension

    A couple of months ago, I bought an ENO doublenest, and wanted to make a suspension system that would be able to work in the widest number of ways. First off, I live in the Los Angeles area, where our mountains have a limited number of trees. I frequent the Sierra Nevada Mountains where trees are in abundance, but the circumference can be pretty large. I had not read this forum, and had I done so, I probably would have done things a little differently, but here goes. I purchased 40 feet of 9/16" climbing grade webbing from my local REI. I also purchased 4 Omega Pacific rappeling rings. I split the webbing into two pieces, and sewed a loop in each of the four ends. To hang, I simply wrap the webbing around the tree, through the loop, and down to the hammock. Then one pass through the rings, and out between the rings on the second pass to lock the webbing in place. I can then adjust the hammock with my structural ridge line that has a string level attached. This system allows me the widest range of hanging options with a minimum of complexity. I can also hang above treeline using large boulders as supports. The loops on the ends of the webbing can serve as wedges by placing a rock inside the loop. As an added bonus, the two pieces of webbing makes a nice 40 foot rescue rope (the mountains above LA are steep, so you never know...) The weight is 11 oz, which is a bit heavy. After discovering this forum, I'm going to make some whoopies, and see how they work in the Spring time.
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