I've been thinking about how I want to rig the tarp. Occasionally I've seen mention of using bungee cord on the tie outs. But if the tarp is catenary cut to maintain tautness, wouldn't a stretchable cord defeat the purpose of that design?

I can see elastic used - maybe - on additional tie outs sometimes seen about mid-side of large tarps. But I'm not so sure elastic would be so effective and major corner tie outs. Or would they?

Having tripped over my share of guy lines, I thought about using some reflective line - but I could run it part way and attach some length of bungee to have both.

Finally, what length do you find useful for the side tie outs. With a tent fly it is easlier - you are usually just going to ground. But with a hammock fly/tarp, often I see the sides elevated with hiking poles, sticks, etc. So if you wanted to come out about 5 ft high and then down at about a 45 degree angle, would that require the tie out to be between 7 to eight feet?

I'm pretty solid on the continuous ridgeline configuration - either over or under the tarp. Now I'm trying to figure out the rest of the guying and if I could just buy a lot of reflective line (Kelty's - $$) or just use a short section combined with something else.

How do you do it?

Thank you,