I just got a 0 Zeppelin with draft collars and resist down from Paul at Underground Quilts.

I'm pretty new to the hammock thing and although I winter hike, snowshoe, and summertime camp, I have never done any cold weather camping. Hubby has the heat down to 66 in the house and I'm cold in bed every night to give you an idea of how not warm I sleep.

Last night on a whim I decided to try out the new underquilt outside for a few minutes to see where my cold spots were and figure out what I needed to adjust. All I brought out was my ENO double nest, the underquilt, a summer weight down sleeping bag from the 60s, a little fuzzy throw blanket, and my pillow. I got everything set up, jumped in and whoa... warm.

There was no cold coming in from below or the sides. The heat I was losing through my wimpy top layers wasn't enough to chill me. Super surprised, I took off my jacket... Still warm. In fact a little too warm, so I took off my wool socks. Mind you this is with no tarp, no sock or shelter, no fancy topquilt. I figured I was mostly just warm from running around hooking stuff up so I decided to stay for a while. Although the weather was completely clear I could feel the moisture condensing out of the air onto my stuff. My sleeping bag was definitely getting moist but the moisture froze as frost on the outside of the UQ.

I pulled the fur front of my trapper hat down over my eyes and nose and pulled the blanket up over my chin and promptly fell asleep uncannily warm and toasty.

I woke up a few times from the dogs barking at unseen wildlife and each time the big dipper had marched further across the sky and I was still very warm. I was really deep down warm so I could sit up out of the blankets in just a long tee-shirt for a few minutes and look at the stars and adjust my blankets without discomfort because my core temp was normal.

I'm totally blown away. I've been awake tossing and shivering all night on fairly warm nights camping in tents and our pop-up.

My husband came out to check if I was still alive before he left for work . I'm not sure how cold it got overnight but the condensation on the outside of the underquilt was frozen. Weather was calling for 20s.

Everything was noticeably heavier carrying it in than carrying it out from the condensation. The underquilt is perfectly dry. The frost flaked off and even where I pulled it over me and it rubbed the wet blankets, the down didn't seem to absorb any of the water that I can tell.

To do it again in the same conditions or even a little colder I think I would only add a waterproof overlay over everything but my face to keep the frost off. I like not feeling like I'm inside of a tent.

Maybe it's not news to all of you, but I had no idea that gear could perform this well.

Very fast production and shipping, great quality craftsmanship, great materials, great communication. The only thing that Paul could improve on is including a newbie setup instructions. I'm sure most customers are old hands at hammocking, but I was a little baffled by all of the tabs and bungies and baffles The setup video on your site is in need of a closeup or two and maybe a shot of what to do without triangle thingies. Maybe a picture with labels ( what the heck is DWR?) With this great of a product word is sure to spread and you'll have more clueless customers like me who need a nudge in the right direction. (What are all of these little loops for for example, they look important ). Anyway, thanks a bunch from a sure to be repeat customer.