BH users- what is your best way of dealing with the spreader bar/tarp contact issue?

Other than just using a high wide pitch- not acceptable in severe weather, I am wondering what is the best approach. One thing I do is remove the bars when I am not in the hammock. That way the bars only contact briefly until I can get in and cause sag. Another thought is using the "Baker Hut" pitch, to provide maximum wind block on one side. But, I am not positive this will provide adequate coverage on the other side in severe weather, or if wind shifts? Any thoughts on this? Finally, one of the "tarp tents"? But would that solve the bar/tarp contact issues?

And, is this really even an issue? Should I be worried about the "padded" ends of the spreader bars contacting the tarp when I am not in the hammock? or, if the wind is slamming the tarp into the hammock, even if I am in the hammock? Is this likely to cause wear on the tarp or poke a hole in it? Has any body actually had any wear issues?