Well, I ordered the supplies to make my 20* down UQ today from Wildernesslogics. I spoke to Marty, who was really helpful in getting my order out the door quickly. Very much appreciated. His customer service has been 1st class so far.

Here is what I ordered (I'll take pictures and start a video when it arrives):

6yds 1.1 oz Ripstop Nylon--Color: Black
8 Cord Lock
25' Black GrosGain 1"
13oz 850+ Down

I was thinking about the suspension for this UQ. I've seen examples of full length channels with shock-cord running the length, and shock-cord on the ends to cinch them up. I've seen 'tabs' used to secure the shock cord just to the four corners of the UQ and those attached to the suspension. Any recommendations about which is better and why? Also, what size shock-cord should I use?