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    Slings with rings and loops

    We get lots of inquiries for these so I thought I'd post a note here. Some customers like drip rings in their suspensions near the hammock and prefer them spiced in rather than being attached with a larks head. The picture below shows a pair of whoopie slings with a climbing-rated, SMC descending ring spliced onto the fixed eye and a continuous loop spliced onto the ring as well. We make the loops smaller than normal (and the same size as on our All In One system) to place the ring closer to the hammock and further under the tarp. While this is not listed as an assembly on our webstore, it can be ordered by just choosing all of the components and placing a comment in the Special Instructions box at order checkout that you want the whoopie sling fixed eye and continuous loops spliced onto the rings. The adjustable loop of the whoopie sling attaches as normal to the tree huggers with either a carabiner or the marlin spike hitch/toggle method. Hennessy hammock owners - please contact us prior to ordering.

    Thanks, Stu
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