I've just tried out my new Blackbird in the back garden, I have a couple of ring buckles on webbing set up diagonally across my carport, surprisingly the amsteel on the Blackbird slipped ! I presume its something to do with its flat cross section, I had to put a slip knot in to hold it.

I dug out my hitchcraft gadgets to try, and they were as bad, couldnt take any load at all before they slipped . I normally have these on my DD hammock, but I use 9mm no stretch rope. It may be that the amsteel rope is to small for that size, unfortunately the smaller hitchcrafts have too small a load rating to use safely to hang from.

So what do you guys use ? I'm not (no pun intended ) going back to knots if I can help it.

Brandon at my request added 2 sets of his triangle type buckles so I may give them a go.

Merry Christmas by the way and hope you have a happy New Year