Hey all,

I am brand new to hammocks after finding that tent camping destroyed my back. I picked up a HH expedition and had a 35* night cozy warm on my first ever hang. Thanks to the forums. I thought I was going to have to give up on camping until I found out about hammocks.

I have a question about my stock HH webbing. I can't loop around twice on this tree that I am hanging from. I know that the HH webbing wants you to go through both loops, but I am wondering if there is danger in going though the loop with the strap as shown in the pictures.


I know that I need a good knot on the rope instead of the easier figure 8s when I go through the two webbing loops, but is there any potential problem with running my web this way?

Just as a reference, this is the webbing done normally.


The problem with that is that it slips down in the tree. Should I just be trying to tighten that so much that it won't slip?