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Good ideas...keep 'em coming!

Re: the rig not being broken in yet, he said it gets 10-12 mpg towing right now. A friend of his has almost the same rig at 60,000 miles and gets 3-4 mpg more. Getting 16 mpg while towing a 15,000 pound trailer is actually pretty good.
13? Bastage! My Class A get's 8MPG on a good day!

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I'm not all that worried about the mpg...I don't think the guy was being dishonest about it, just telling me what the trip computer said. I was expecting about 10 mph anyway, and this won't be my daily driver...not with 3500 suspension in it! Besides, nobody buys an RV because of the gas mileage.

Tough part is, that breaks down to about $25/hour driving...not including the actual cost of the equipment (and of course the matching towels, dishes, etc...I'm sure we couldn't use what we already have...) or significant repairs. That's still an expensive vacation. But with this I could vacation at a moment's notice, and go where I want to (within reason for a rig that big, obviously). And still have a home during the zombie apocalypse!
The RV is still cheaper than staying in hotels and eating out... I look at my RV two ways: It's a House that needs Engine Maintenance, or it's a Car with indoor plumbing!